Our philosophy

Food from the Region
It is my and our job to carefully select and prepare food and to create a pleasurable experience in harmony with ecological aspects. I am convinced of our philosophy, because it is also so close to the Slow Food movement. Issues such as biodiversity, acting responsibly and respecting farmers and producers shape everything I do every day as a chef. Everyone talks about good regional products, we have them! For me, there is no alternative to regional food, to rooting cuisine in the region, and to preserving regional cooking.
Regional market Hohenlohe
The large market hall covers the entire range of regionally produced food in Hohenlohe. The assortment includes meat and sausage products, cheese specialties, baked goods, flowers and much more.
Regional organic products
We always source our products from our loyal partners in the region. Clean food at fair prices is always our top priority. We offer you sustainable culinary delicacies.

Slow Food Chef Alliance

Worldwide association of restaurateurs
The members work with regional and seasonal food from producers and suppliers they know personally. Each dish is made in-house, without resorting to industrially produced goods and additives. Through creative menus, all parts of the animal and plant are processed, resulting in no wasted food.