Experience pleasure

Regional Food, diverse pleasure
Our head chef Maximilian Korschinsky is a member of the Slow Food Chef Alliance Germany, a network of chefs and producers of good, clean and fair products. Our kitchen therefore uses mainly regional and seasonal foods, which we prefer to buy from small producers. We know our suppliers personally, produce each element ourselves and process all animal and plant parts. A creative menu ensures that we waste hardly any food. And of course our claim is first and foremost: We want to offer our guests a variety of pleasures!
Regional organic products
As part of the slow food alliance, we promote fair food and its sustainable preparation in order to preserve regional cooking. We source our food exclusively from producers in the region, who we are in close contact with.
Slow Food Chef Alliance
The Slow Food Chef Alliance promotes good, clean and fair food from local producers and preserves local culture and food biodiversity. As all this is part of the gastronomic common property that must be preserved everywhere in the world.