Schloss Kirchberg a.d. Jagst

Towering idyllically above the Jagst
The location of our 15th century castle, above the Jagst valley and nestled in the small old town of Kirchberg/Jagst, is simply enchanting. This is where the Kocher-Jagst Cycle Path, Kocher-Jagst Trail and the Way of St. James meet. The Biohotel Schloss Kirchberg is part of a lively castle society, consisting of the Haus der Bauern, associated academy, artists’ studios and residential communities. Here, where Württemberg and Franconia meet, you will find a soulful, almost undiscovered retreat. At the same time, we offer you active short breaks that strengthen the mind, body and soul in equal measure. Our hotel history is still young so the 40 hotel rooms have accordingly modern amenities. For our slow food organic cuisine, we choose the products carefully. Because the stories behind them have to be a good fit with us. Be our guest and accompany us on our path to a unique place of power.